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I am a blog-stalker.  I admit it.  There are certain blogs that I make it a point to visit every day.  It is a part of my morning ritual.  Get up.  Brush my teeth.  Wash my hair.  Wash my face.  Check my email.  Check Jasmine Star’s blog.  Check Bobby Earle’s blog.   Both Jasmine and Bobby post daily, so I make it a point to check their blogs daily.  Other bloggers don’t post as often so I don’t check their blogs regularly.  Some people have asked me which photographers/bloggers do I follow so I decided to create a list of blogs that I follow…go and check them out!!!  Sorry, if you’re not into photography then you will most likely have no interest in these blogs.  I do follow the blogs of my family and friends as well, but I don’t think they want me posting their blogs here so I will leave them off of my list.

  • Jasmine Star (Wedding Photography)
  • Bobby Earle (Wedding and Travel Photography)
  • Lot 116 Photography (Lifestyle and Portraiture)
  • Jessica Claire (Wedding Photography)
  • Kelley Ryden and Tracey Raver (Newborn Photography)
  • Baby As Art (Newborn Photography)
  • Captured by Carrie (Newborn Photography)
  • Keri Meyers (Newborn Photography)
  • Beth Jansen (Portraiture)
  • Laura Farris (Newborn Photography)
  • Stephanie Fay (Wedding Photography)
  • Sarah Beth (Pet Photography)
  • Alex Beadon (Portraiture and Fine Art Photography)
  • Pinky (Wedding Photography)
  • The Sartorialist (Fashion Photography)

And here is an image of one my recent newborn babes, Tani, because blog posts are boring without an image!!!


Bobby Earle - July 1, 2011 - 8:34 pm

Awe 😉 Thanks Mindy!!!

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