Babies: Paityn | Hawaii Baby Photographer

Do you remember this sweet little babe?!?!

Well here she is at almost 1-year old!!!  She’s another one of my newborn babes that came back to do a 1-year old shoot with me!!!  I am just loving the return of my newborn babes, because I get to see them all grown-up!!!  Paityn was as smiley and happy as can be!!!  Just look at her cute smile!!!  And that dimple!!!!  It gets me every time!!!  How can you not smile when see her smile and you see her cute little dimple!!!  She was in such a great mood that she cracked up for me at each part of our shoot…and in every new outfit too!!!  Talk about a happy, happy baby!!!

In case you’re wondering what’s up with all the sweets…it’s because her 1st birthday party is themed “sweets.”  So after some collaboration with her parents, we decided to tie “sweets” into Paityn’s 1-year old photo shoot.  As you can tell from the images, she had a grand old time with those sweets too!!!

Thank you to Garon, Tracy, Spencer and Paityn for another successful, wonderful and fun photo session!!!  I enjoyed my morning with your happy, happy family!!!  I hope you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!!

To view more images from Paityn’s shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!


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