Almost Newborn: Tristan | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

My last blog post was maternity images of this little guy’s hot mama!!!  And here he is world—meet Tristan!!!  He and his family were quite busy during the first weeks of his life, therefore, we couldn’t get newborn images of him.  During his fifth week of life we were finally able to get together and capture some images of him during this precious time in his life.  Babies sure do grow quickly and before we know it they’re crawling, walking, talking and going off to school!!!

I was hoping that he was going to fit into some of my newborn props, but as you can see…he was a little too big for my cocoons…and even my ottoman.  We made him fit on it by posing him curled up.  I had just purchased this trunk…and to my surprise a smaller trunk that I had inherited from my mother matched my new trunk perfectly!!!  He fit perfectly into the trunk…yay!!!  Isn’t he so precious?!?!

Tracey informed me that Tristan was a light sleeper, which worried me, because how was I going to get him to stay sleeping if he kept waking up while we posed him or took off his diaper…but he surprised us and stayed sleeping practically the whole time!!!  He was content sleeping on his tummy and even gave us some charming smiles!!!

Thank you Tracey and Tyson for having me over to photograph the new love of your life.  I’m glad that we did it…and even if he was 5 weeks old (which is much older than the newborn age for photographs), he was the perfect little model!!!  He proved us wrong and worked it for the camera!!!


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