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I Will Never Forget Them

Last week one of my former students emailed me via my website!!!  I was so tickled and happy that she contacted me. View full post »

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad’s birthday.  My dad…he and I are alike in so many ways and we are so different in so many ways. View full post »

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook then you definitely know that I stayed up all night watching the royalView full post »

We Finally Have One in Hawaii!!!

On Saturday, April 30th I received the following email/image.  I CANNOT BELIEVE it!!!  We are FINALLY, FINALLY,View full post »

Hawaii Mindy Metivier Photography

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Today is May 1st!!!  May Day is one of the days I always look forward to each year!!!  To me, May Day in Hawaii isView full post »

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Taxes are due today and tax season is officially over!!!  Yay a big round of applause to all the tax accountants whoView full post »

How Do They Do It?!?!

I’ve always wondered how working mothers balance their time and life between their children, their husband, work, aView full post »

And…I’m back!!!

For those of you that didn’t know, I was out of town for a few days.   Sorry for the lack of a blog post yesterdayView full post »

Forever in Our Hearts: Aunty Cookie

This past weekend I said good-bye to a very special person—Aunty Cookie.  “Mindy the Girl!!!”  That is what sheView full post »

Gas, Gas, Gas

So I know there are a number of reasons why gas prices have surged recently.  I am not here to discuss or debate theView full post »

The Bug is Bugging Me

There are some days when I get that little bug in me.  The bug to travel.  I LOVE traveling.  Love.  Lately I’veView full post »

Tsunami Update

It’s been a few days since the horrific earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and since Hawaii had their tsunami scare. View full post »


Earthquakes and Tsunamis…Oh My!!!

There was an 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan today (yesterday if you’re living in Hawaii).  The earthquake thenView full post »

Quote of the Day

One of my favorite things to do (when I have time) is to find quotes that complement my images.  I am going to try toView full post »

Rain, Rain Go Away

So it has been raining, cloudy and gray for about a week.  I know that I am somewhat spoiled by beautiful weather andView full post »