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Hawaii Mindy Metivier Photography

A Little Bit of Honu Love

It’s a funky weather day here in Hawaii nei…so here is some honu love to brighten your day.  Happy Tuesday!!!View full post »

Happy 8-Year Anniversary!!!

Eight years ago today, Brent and I officially became a couple.  Yes, people you read correctly 8 YEARS!!!  And no, weView full post »


Writing and Tokyo Fun Fact

I was never much of writer.  In fact I loathed writing in school.  As a teacher, sometimes I felt bad about making myView full post »

Travel: Tokyo Disney Sea

If you have visited my website and learned a little bit about me, then you know that one of items on my “Bucket ListView full post »

Online Mentor: Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star, Jasmine Star, Jasmine Star…I LOVE her!!!  She is my all time favorite photographer in the whole wideView full post »

Travel: Tokyo, Japan

Part 2 of my Asia trip was to Tokyo, Japan!!!  This was my first time to Tokyo, but not my first time to Japan.  I wasView full post »

Travel: Seoul, South Korea

So we’re back!!!  I am now home from a FABULOUS trip to Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan.  This was my first tripView full post »

Brothers & Sisters

On Sunday nights my mom and I have a weekly ritual—we watch Brothers & Sisters together.  For one hour we laughView full post »

Hawaii Child Photo

Wedding Bells on Kauai

In June, two of my fabulous friends tied the knot!!!  Kristen and Jarrett’s officially became husband and wife on theView full post »

My Other Passion in Life

My other passion in life is traveling.  I don’t know exactly when I caught the travel bug, but it could have beenView full post »

Life Prior To My Career Change

So for those of you who don’t really know me or who know me, but haven’t heard the scoops, here it is…prior to myView full post »

My Secret Love Affair

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point in the early 2000s I discovered a hot guy who lives on a farmView full post »

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!!!  As you can tell it’s currently under construction.  Blogging is a whole new world for meView full post »